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The Azon Private Label Suite
A Complete Four Part Acceleration Framework
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The Profit Matrix
Four Part Acceleration Framework
Azon Private Label Suite™
Starting an Amazon business is easy. The first few victories feel great and the opportunities seem endless. But somewhere along the path, it becomes clear that this business is tough -- not everyone survives. And it can get really confusing, especially when you hear advice that others say is working great for them... and it COMPLETELY FAILS FOR YOU!
Wires sometimes get crossed -- not intentionally, but it happens. And it's not surprising in a fast moving marketplace where there's so much talking with Facebook groups, masterminds, and coaching. It's easy for beginning sellers to get confused, BECAUSE there are so many different levels of strength getting mixed together.

Developing a business is the practice of developing business strengths.
The types of problems a well established seller faces are very different than those you face when you are starting out.

And the things you need to focus on are very different.
It's simply a matter of cash flow
Many tactics require the time and financing that you can only afford when you have a strong positive cash flow.

If you've been trying many tactics to build your business that just don't seem to work it may not be the tactics.

Just maybe... the tactics are too much for your business strength.

You need to think and act in a manner that matches your strength
-- to build your strength
The Four Part Acceleration Framework
Azon Private Label Suite
Designed to help Amazon sellers through the learning curve to a
positive cash flow
Decision Builder
To make a good decision... you need to clearly know what you must consider, and your priorities. The Profit Matrix Decision Builder provides the clarity you need to move forward with confidence. 

Eight predefined templates that will help you through the most critical decisions you need to make. Now you can quickly move forward to profit.
1. Niche selection
2. Product selection
3. Brand Name selection
4. Supplier selection
5. Freight forwarder selection
6. Warehouse selection
7. Virtual Agent selection
8. Sourcing Agent selection
Each template contains a comprehensive set of factors... a total of over 200 factors help you decide with certainty. You set your priorities and rate your options to get your best decision score.
Three keyword tools designed to be certain you are positioned well in the Amazon search engine. Check indexing, ranking, and compare raw search results data for sales rank, pricing, and reviews.
All of our keyword tools allow an unlimited number of keywords, that you can run it as often as you like, whenever you like. You can check your competitors too!
Profit Planner
Possibly the most important part of the framework, because it's all about the money. The Profit Planner allows you to develop financial models for each individual ASIN. This give you a deep understanding of the money trail, showing you the impact of all the different activities that surround each ASIN.
Know the details of all product and marketing costs such as Sponsored Ads, Lightning Deals, and Storage Fees and how they impact your profit. Calculate your break-even PPC bid. See how different price points and conversion rates impact your profit.
Activity Meter
Real-time information so that you can have insight into the minute-by-minute status of your account with the perspective to help you determine -- What’s your next step? Gives you that Hands-on-the-Wheel control of your Amazon account.
A rolling 24-Hour chart shows you how you're trending right now. The Point-in-Time chart shows you exactly where your sales are right now… and where they have been over the last 30 days for this exact point in time. Plus your Projected Revenue for today!
How Do We Do This?
Profit Matrix
Azon Private Label Suite
Everything that you see here is developed on top of the Google framework for productivity Google G Suite™. A solid, state-of-the-art tool that Google makes available to all of their users free of charge, and we have extended this suite with features designed just for you.
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We will immediately provide a full hassle-free refund. Period.
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How is this focused specifically for new Amazon sellers?
Great question. Effective skills for Amazon sellers are very complex. They take time and money to master. We focus on the things you must get right to get a positive cash flow. Our Decision Builder is key to this approach. This means you focus on your priorities and your capabilities -- building from ground-zero using sound business practices.
I am not familiar with G Suite. Is that a problem?
No problem. We use the spreadsheet portion of G Suite. It’s very similar to Microsoft Excel™ , so you’ll be fine. It’s really a great environment for this type of work. If you are not comfortable with spreadsheets, our tools are a great place to start. They’ll help you get familiar with spreadsheet productivity -- an absolute essential for your Amazon business.
What is your cancellation process?
It’s incredibly easy. Just send an email to [email protected] and we’ll cancel your subscription. If you cancel within the first 30 days, we’ll immediately issue a full refund. If you cancel after 30 days, we will stop any additional charges and your subscription will end at the end of your current period.
I don’t have my first product yet. Is this right for me?
Definitely. Our Keyword Comparison can provide you with some great information… but your biggest advantage is our Decision Builder Product Selection template. Many people just have a hard time making a decision. This indecision slows them down to a snail’s pace, and that’s fatal in business. You need to be able to make good decisions, fast. Our Decision Builder can be your great accelerator.
I already have a strong cash flow. Is there any advantage for me?
Well yes… our tools are still tactically important, but we’re really designed for sellers that are still working their way on up. It’s really nice that our keyword tools are unlimited, our Profit Planner is comprehensive, and our Activity Meter is extremely useful. You’ll probably want to customize our Decision Builder by building your own templates, but that’s simple. After your comfortable with the process, you may find it useful to have your VA use our tools according to your internal procedures.
Get it now for just $49 $37 a month.
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